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Projects are deliverable-based efforts, undertaken by small groups of research or tech team members. Projects ranged from codifying institutional knowledge into wiki pages to creating tools or datasets, to building components of academic papers.

Projects should be created using Project, which uses Project, which in turn places pages into Category:Project. The Property:Has title fields should exactly match the wiki page name. The Property:Has sponsor field designates the overarching project or organization supporting the work, such as [Ed Egan], [McNair Center], or [Kauffman Incubator Project]. Team members should take ownership of projects using Property:Has owner and record the status of the project using Property:Has project status.

List of Projects

Data summary: There are 183 projects found.

2020 Stock Market CrashEd EganComplete
Accelerator DataShrey Agarwal
Matthew Ringheanu
Accelerator Demo DayMinh LeActive
Accelerator Industry Classification (Data)Veeral ShahTabled
Accelerator Seed List (Data)Shrey Agarwal
Matthew Ringheanu
Connor Rothschild
Veeral Shah
Accelerator Website ImagesChristy Warden
Accelerators (Data)Susan Cohen
Veeral Shah
Accenture WorkDylan DickensComplete
Amazon HQ2Ed Egan
Anne Dayton
Diana Carranza
Amazon Mechanical Turk for Analyzing Demo Day Classifier's ResultsMinh LeComplete
American Community Survey (ACS) DataJeemin Sim
American ConservatismAnne Dayton
Analyzing the Innovation Promotion ActAriel SunComplete
Analyzing the SBACarlin CherryTabled
AngelList DatabaseAnne FreemanActive
ArcMap / ArcGIS DocumentationJeemin Sim
Augusta Startup EcosystemBen Baldazo
Taylor Jacobe
Joe Reilly
Dylan Dickens
BID ProjectCindy RyooActive
Bulk Patent Assignee ProcessingSubsume
Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face (Wiki Page)Complete
Climate ChangeShrey AgarwalComplete
Cofounding in Exchange for EquityBen BaldazoTabled
Collecting SBIR DataAdrian SmartComplete
Creating a Guide to Patent LitigationMarcela InterianoComplete
Crunchbase Accelerator EquityMaxine TaoActive
Crunchbase Accelerator FoundersGrace TanActive
Crunchbase DataAdrian Smart
Maxine Tao
Grace Tan
Connor Rothschild
Crunchbase DatabaseHiep NguyenActive
DSL EncodingHiep NguyenActive
DSL generatorHiep NguyenActive
Deep Text ClassifierYang ZhangActive
Defining IncubatorsAnne Freeman
Libby Bassini
Demo Day Page Google ClassifierKyran AdamsSubsume
Demo Day Page ParserPeter JalbertSubsume
Domain Specific Language ResearchLasya RajanActive
E&I Governance Policy ReportAlbert Nabiullin
Catherine Kirby
Eliza Martin
Dylan Dickens
Ecosystem Organization ClassifierAnne Freeman
Libby Bassini
Ecosystem: Austin TXYi MaActive
Ecosystem: Burlington VTNancy YuActive
Ecosystem: Denver COKhai NguyenActive
Ecosystem: Twin Cities MNVineet AnneActive
Ecosystem: Washington DCLibby BassiniActive
Emerging EcosystemsEliza MartinTabled
Enclosing Circle AlgorithmChristy Warden
Peter Jalbert
Enclosing Circle Algorithm (Plotting)Subsume
Enclosing Circle Algorithm (Rework)Abhijit BrahmeActive
Entrepreneurial EcosystemComplete
Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth Literature ReviewRamee SalehComplete
Equivalent XPath and APS QueriesEd Egan
Oliver Chang
Eventbrite Webcrawler (Tool)Gunny LiuComplete
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