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Main Project Tree

The list below shows the main project tree with the current active project assignments.

  1. Ecosystem Organization Classifier
    1. Defining Incubators -- Anne Freeman, Libby Bassini (Active)
      1. Formulate baseline attributes -- Anne Freeman (Active)
    2. Incubator Seed Data -- Anne Freeman (Active)
      1. Crunchbase Database -- Hiep Nguyen (Active)
    3. Incubators in Five Ecosystems -- (Active)
      1. Ecosystem: Austin or Houston -- Yi Ma (Active)
      2. Ecosystem: Burlington VT -- Nancy Yu (Active)
      3. Ecosystem: Denver CO -- Khai Nguyen (Active)
      4. Ecosystem: Washington DC -- Libby Bassini (Active)
      5. Ecosystem: Unconventional Ecosystem -- Vineet Anne (Active)
      6. Human Factors Analysis: User Dynamic - Initial Pass -- ()
  2. Listing Page Classifier
  3. Listing Page Extractor
    1. Domain Specific Language Research -- Lasya Rajan (Active)

List of All Projects

Information on each project may be found in the table below. All projects are included in Category:Project if they use Template:Project. To create or edit a project, please use Form: Project

Data summary: There are 64 active projects found.

Accelerator Demo DayMinh LeDemo Day Page Parser
Demo Day Page Google Classifier
AngelList DatabaseAnne Freeman
BID ProjectCindy Ryoo
Crunchbase Accelerator EquityMaxine Tao
Crunchbase Accelerator FoundersGrace Tan
Crunchbase DatabaseHiep Nguyen
DSL EncodingHiep Nguyen
DSL generatorHiep Nguyen
Deep Text ClassifierYang ZhangIndustry Classifier
Defining IncubatorsAnne Freeman
Libby Bassini
Domain Specific Language ResearchLasya Rajan
Ecosystem Organization ClassifierAnne Freeman
Libby Bassini
Defining Incubators
Incubator Seed Data
Incubators in Five Ecosystems
Ecosystem: Austin TXYi Ma
Ecosystem: Burlington VTNancy Yu
Ecosystem: Denver COKhai Nguyen
Ecosystem: Twin Cities MNVineet Anne
Ecosystem: Washington DCLibby Bassini
Enclosing Circle Algorithm (Rework)Abhijit BrahmeEnclosing Circle Algorithm
Enclosing Circle Algorithm (Plotting)
Federal Grant DataAvesh Krishna
Catherine Kirby
Jeemin Sim
NSF Data
NIH Data
GPU BuildOliver Chang
Kyran Adams
Google CrawlerAnne Freeman
Google Scholar CrawlerChristy Warden
Hierarchical ClusteringOliver Chang
Kyran Adams
Houston Innovation DistrictBen Baldazo
Anne Dayton
Taylor Jacobe
Joe Reilly
Dylan Dickens
Houston Entrepreneurship
Houston Startup ChallengesDiana Carranza
Houston's VC FirmsDiana CarranzaHouston's Venture Capital Issue Brief
Houston's Venture Capital Issue BriefDiana CarranzaRanking US Cities by Venture Capital
HubsHira FarooqiHubs Analysis 2017
INBIAAnne Freeman
Incubator Classifier - Concept DiagramHiep Nguyen
Incubator Classifier - Formulate baseline attributesAnne Freeman
Incubator Seed DataAnne FreemanIncubator Seed Data Coverage
Incubator Seed Data CoverageEd Egan
Incubators in Five EcosystemsEcosystem: Denver CO
Ecosystem: Washington DC
Ecosystem: Burlington VT
Ecosystem: Twin Cities MN
Ecosystem: Austin TX
Incubator Seed Data Coverage
Internal Link ParserChristy Warden
LP Extractor ProtocolLasya Rajan
Listing Page ClassifierNancy Yu
Listing Page ExtractorLP Extractor Protocol
Listing Page Plugin SpecRex Bone
Matching Entrepreneurs to VCsEd Egan
Christy Warden
Matlab, CUDA, and GPU ComputingWei Wu
Medical Centers and GrantsCatherine Kirby
NOTS Computing for Matching Entrepreneurs to VCsWei Wu
Open Development ProcessEd Egan
Parallelize msmf corr coeff.mWei Wu
Patent Design Main PageShelby Bice
Oliver Chang
Joe Reilly
Patent ThicketGrace Tan
Ranking US Cities by Venture CapitalEd Egan
Anne Dayton
Diana Carranza
Top Cities for VC Backed Companies
Reproducible Patent DataOliver ChangRedesigning Patent Database
Patent Assignment Data Restructure
Scholar Crawler Main ProgramChristy Warden
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