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McNair Project
Patent Design Main Page
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Project Title Patent Design Main Page
Owner Shelby Bice, Joe Reilly, Oliver Chang
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Is dependent on Reproducible Patent Data, USPTO Patent Litigation Data, Small Inventors Project
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This is the main page for all the research, work, and design that has been put into working with the patent date. Currently, as of Fall 2017, Oliver Chang, Joe Reilly, and Shelby Bice are working on designing new patent and assignment databases (Shelby), creating a new parser and scripts to pull and parse the data (Oliver), and identifying all the paths within the XML files that lead to data that should be included in the databases(all three).

There has been lots of work on storing information about the patents in databases, including methods of cleaning the data, what data should be included, etc. Some of it is obsolete and some of it is incorrect. Generally, the newer pages are going to be the most relevant, but it can be helpful to see what is done in the past, especially since some methodology (like the cleaning the data) hasn't changed that much.

Shelby's Work

Most recent work (Redesigning the whole patent database and assignment database): This project page details my design for a new patent database and a new assignment database.

Older work when we were going to modify the database: It has a lot of information on the methodology we tried to use before to update the database, including our frustration with the perl scripts that pulled and parsed, the data, which eventually led to Oliver Chang writing new scripts for us.

This was done by a former McNair Center intern and subsumed by my current project. It includes information on how the assignment database should be formatted:

Here are some somewhat outdated pages describing aspects of the patent data: