Libby Bassini

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My name is Elisabeth or "Libby". I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at Georgetown University studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs. I am investigating the Washington DC Ecosystem, identifying baseline attributes for incubators, and determining seed data sources for incubators.

Team Member
Elisabeth "Libby" Bassini
Status Active
Degree Bachelor
Major STIA
Skills (Students only) Python, ArcGIS
Skype @ElisabethSBassini
Projects Defining Incubators, Ecosystem Organization Classifier, Ecosystem: Washington DC
School Georgetown
Job Title Researcher
Sponsor Kauffman Incubator Project
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-Below is the link to a page containing charts that lay out all the information that has been collected on the incubators in the five ecosystems being investigated.

Incubators in Five Ecosystems