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McNair Project
Key Terms Search
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Project Information
Project Title Key Terms Search
Owner Christy Warden
Start Date 11/20/2017
Keywords Key terms, python
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Has project status Complete
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Update: 2/22

New key terms file should be of the form category [tab] word [tab] flag where flag is a 1 if you only want that word to occur as whole (for example SEP, but you don't want to include September or separate) and a 0 if you do want alterations of the word to occur (thicket would allow thickets, thicketed etc.) The 0s can be left out of the file so long as you don't include a tab after the term (ie category [tab] term [end of line])


The python file for this program is located at E:\McNair\Software\Google_Scholar_Crawler

The program takes a series of key terms (which are categorized) and searches for them in a directory of files. it marks how many time each term occurs in a file and makes an array of the results.

How to Use

In order to use this program, open the file in Komodo. At the very top of the file are two variables. Change keywordfile to the directory of your key term file. The key term file itself should be a txt file in the format of the category of a word followed by a tab followed by the word. The text directory dictionary should be changed to the directory of text files that you want to search in. Press run and you will get back a file called KeyTerms.txt which will be an array of all the files with a header containing all the words.

If you want to match whole word only, uncomment line 50 and comment line 49.