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|Has Project Component=Defining Incubators
|Has image=
|Has Task Number=2
|Has title=Formulate baseline attributes
|Has Task Description=Formulate baseline attributes
|Has owner=Anne Freeman
|Has Start Date=03/11/2019
|Has start date=03/11/2019
|Has Target Completion Date=03/22/2019
|Has deadline date=03/22/2019
|Has Team Member=Anne Freeman,
|Has keywords=
|Has Observations=Enter research results here.
|Has project status=Active
|Has Task Status=In Progress
|Is dependent on=
|Does subsume=
|Is billed to=
|Has file locations=

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Incubator Classifier - Formulate baseline attributes
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Project Information
Has title Formulate baseline attributes
Has owner Anne Freeman
Has start date 03/11/2019
Has deadline date 03/22/2019
Has project status Active
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