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McNair Project
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Project Title INBIA
Owner Anne Freeman
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Subsumes: Incubator Seed Data, Ecosystem Organization Classifier
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The International Business Innovation Association (INBIA) has a directory containing information on 415 incubators in the United States.


We retrieved the INBIA data as follows:

  1. Go to and search US
  2. Change to 100 results per page
  3. Save HTML page of 0-100
  4. Choose next page, Save HTML page of 100-200
  5. Sort Z-A
  6. Save HTML page 418-318
  7. Choose next page, Save HTML page of 318-218
  8. Note that we are missing some that start with L and M
  9. Search US L, Choose page with L as first letter, Save HTML of L
  10. Search US M, Choose page with M as first letter, Save HTML of M

Then process each of those html files with regular expressions in textpad

  • Search .*biobubblekey Replace #
  • Search ^[^#].*\n Replace NOTHING
  • Search .*href=\" Replace NOTHING
  • Search <\/a> Replace NOTHING
  • Search \"> Replace \t

Then combine files, throw out duplicates, move columns, sort. This results in a file without headers where the lines are like:

1863 Ventures/Project 500	/?c=companyprofile&UserKey=4794e0a6-3f61-4357-a1cb-513baf00957e	
4th Sector Innovations	/?c=companyprofile&UserKey=cc47b04e-1c2a-4019-88b3-05d1163a0d6a	
712 Innovations	/?c=companyprofile&UserKey=531ad600-e11a-4c74-9f37-bace816b9325	
AccelerateHER	/?c=companyprofile&UserKey=3c05d1c1-91b5-48ae-8ec3-c77765b10c2b	
ACTION Innovation Network	/?c=companyprofile&UserKey=5ac08dd0-364d-47b2-8de0-a7536a3b4802	

We can now build a crawler to call with then the URL extension (either encoded or with & replaced with just &), for example: Gets the company page for Cambridge Innovation Center.

We can then rip out the contact information, including URL, and the people, using either beautiful soup or regular expressions.