Hubs Scorecard (Academic Paper)

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McNair Project
Hubs Scorecard (Academic Paper)
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As of Spring 2016, a list of potential Hubs with a set of characteristics was created. Many of these are not what will be defined as Hubs. We will be creating a scorecard to help subjectively define Hubs based on certain characteristics.

Work in Progress

Our goal is to automate the collection of variables for potential hubs as much as possible. The key steps for the project are:

  1. Creating a comprehensive list of potential hubs (Complete)
    1. E:\McNair\Projects\Hubs\Raw Program List Contains 600 entities - vast majority are firmly not hubs (file pedigree unknown)
    2. E:\McNair\Projects\Hubs\Hubs Data - Contains 125 entities - many are not hubs (overlap with above file unknown, this file's pedigree from old Hubs project).
  2. Determining the best variables for the scorecard (Complete)
  3. Building "filters" for automating the collection (Complete)
  4. Running and auditing of the automation (In Progress)
  5. Collecting the remaining manual data (next step)