Defining Incubators

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Defining Incubators
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Incubator Definitions

Incubator Definition in the Literature

-An incubator generally refers to an organization with the following characteristics: 1. 2. Purpose: supports startups entering the beginning stages of building their company; Duration: operate on a more open-ended timeline with a greater focus on the longevity of a startup than the speed of its growth; 3. Application process: Generally more selective, competitive admission process; 4. Resources: Provides firms with workspace, mentorship, and other resources; 5. Funding for Startups: Generally does not take an equity stake in the companies they support. More information

Our Definition of an Incubator & its Characteristics

-An incubator for this project refers to an organization with the following characteristics: 1. Focuses on accelerating the development of high-growth, for-profit tech firms; 2. Affiliated with a corporation, academic institution, or for-profit organization; 3. Located in the US; 4. Current or potential VC funding for its startups.