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The access to this page is restricted to just my committee. This page is here so you can keep an eye on what I'm doing (if you want to). I'll try to update it regularly with 'news'.

Next Event


I am currently planning on graduating on May 12th 2012. The following timetable is based on that premise:

  • Finish my Patent Measures paper by November 1st 2011 (present it at the USPTO on the 17th)
  • Get VC Partners paper main analysis done by December 2011
  • Put in 120hrs for the NBER Patent Data project (I've already been paid and must deliver)
  • Run out of money in February 2011
  • Write a third chapter by April 2012
  • Lose April 2012 to bureaucracy
  • File my dissertation by April 12th 2012 (this is a soft deadline - apparently I can file up until May 11th.)
  • Graduate on May 12th 2012
  • Get a visa to stay in the US?
  • Get some kind of employment, hopefully at the university, from June 2012 to May 2013
  • Apply to the academic job market Aug-Dec 2012
  • Depending on feedback either wait for flyouts/offers or start a non-academic job search Jan-Mar 2013
  • Start new job around May(ish) 2012

This gives me two slots to produce a job market paper:

  • January - March (2012)
  • May - August (2012)