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cake shop yay tasty
cake shop yay tasty
==Time at McNair==
==Time at McNair==
[[Catherine Kirby (Work Log)]]
[[Catherine Kirby (Research Plan)]]
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hi im catherine

McNair Center Staff
Research Assistant
Catherine Kirby,
Profile placeholder.png
Staff Information
Name Catherine Kirby
Degree BA
Major Political Science
Class of 2019
Join Date 09/08/2016
Skills Korean, Writing, Spanish, Research
Interests Public Policy, Cooking
Fun Fact I am a blackbelt in Taekwondo
Email cak6@rice.edu
Status Active

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Early Life

Born and raised in dallas


hockaday rice

Organizational Involvement

bisf yay

Work Experience

cake shop yay tasty

Time at McNair

Catherine Kirby (Work Log) Catherine Kirby (Research Plan)