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{{McNair Affiliates
|name=Bryan Ayash
|Has name=Brian Ayash
|Has headshot=BrianAyash.jpg
|Has team position=Faculty
|Has team status=Active
|Has or doing degree=PhD
|Has academic major=Finance
|Has skills=
|Has email=bayash@calpoly.edu
|Has skype=
|Went to school=U.C. Berkeley
|Has graduating class=
|Had join date=
|Has interests=
|Has fun fact=
|Has job title=
|Has URL=http://www.cob.calpoly.edu/directory/profile/brian-ayash/
|Has team sponsor=McNair Center,edegan.com
|Belongs to organization=CalPoly
|Works for=
[[Category: McNair Affiliates

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Brian Ayash
Status Active
Degree PhD
Major Finance
Email bayash@calpoly.edu
Projects LBO Data Description, LBO Lit Review
School U.C. Berkeley
URL http://www.cob.calpoly.edu/directory/profile/brian-ayash/
Sponsor McNair Center, edegan.com
Organization CalPoly
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