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Article summaries provide readers with 'crib notes' on popular, important, famous, or otherwise interesting academic papers. They also store BibTeX entries and encode meta-data about their papers.

There are currently 184 article summaries in Category:Article. To add a new article summary, please create the page using Form:Article, which fills out Template:Article.

Acemoglu and Pischke (1998)1998Acemoglu and Pischke
Acemoglu, Johnson, Robinson (2005)2005Acemoglu
Aghion Dewatripont Rey (1994) - Renegotiation Design With Unverifiable Information1994Aghion Dewatripont Rey
Agrawal Henderson (2002) - Putting Patents In Context Exploring Knowledge Transfer From Mit2002Agrawal Henderson
Alchian Demsetz (1972) - Production Information Costs And Economic Organization1972Alchian Demsetz
Alesina Drazen (1991) - Why Are Stabilizations Delayed1991Alesina Drazen
Alonso Dessein Matouschek (2008) - When Does Coordination Require Centralization2008Alonso Dessein Matouschek
Ardagna Lusardi (2009) - Explaining International Differences In Entrepreneurship The Role Of Individual Characteristics And Regulatory Constraints2009Ardagna Lusardi
Arora Fosfuri Gambardella (2001) - Markets for Technology The Economics of Innovation and Corporate Strategy2001Arora Fosfuri Gambardella
Arrow (1959) - Economic Welfare And The Allocation Of Resources For Invention1959Arrow
Asker FarreMensa Ljungqvist (2010) - What Do Private Firms Look Like2010Asker FarreMensa Ljungqvist
Asker FarreMensa Ljungqvist (2011) - Does The Stock Market Distort Investment Incentives2011Asker FarreMensa Ljungqvist
Austensmith Feddersen (2008) - Public Disclosure Private Revelation Or Silence2008Austensmith Feddersen
Baker Gibbons Murphy (1999) - Informal Authority In Organizations1999Baker Gibbons Murphy
Baker Gibbons Murphy (2002) - Relational Contracts And The Theory Of The Firm2002Baker Gibbons Murphy
Baker Hubbard (2003) - Make Vs Buy In Trucking2003Baker Hubbard
Baker Hubbard (2004) - Contractibility And Asset Ownership2004Baker Hubbard
Bandiera et al (2007)2007Bandiera et al
Banerjee Duflo (2000) - Reputation Effects And The Limits Of Contracting2000Banerjee Duflo
Banerjee Duflo (2004) - Do Firms Want To Borrow More Testing Credit Constraints Using A Directed Lending Program2004Banerjee Duflo
Baron (2001) - Theories of Strategic Nonmarket Participation2001Baron
Baron 2001 - Theories of Strategic Nonmarket Participation2001Baron
Baron Diermeier (2006) - Strategic Activism And Nonmarket Strategy2006Baron Diermeier
Baron Ferejohn (1989) - Bargaining In Legislatures1989Baron Ferejohn
Baron, D. (1991), Bargaining Majoritarian Incentives, Pork Barrel Programs and Procedural Control1991Baron
Barro (1973) - The Control Of Politicians An Economic Model1973Barro
Battaglini, M. (2002), Multiple Referrals and Multidimensional Cheap Talk2002Battaglini
Baye Morgan Scholten (2006) - Information Search and Price Dispersion2006Baye Morgan Scholten
Baye Morgan Scholten 2006 - Information Search and Price Dispersion2006Baye Morgan Scholten
Becker (1983) - A Theory Of Competition Among Pressure Groups For Political Influence1983Becker
Becker Stigler (1974) - Law Enforcement Malfeasance And The Compensation Of Enforcers1974Becker Stigler
Becker, G. and G. Stigler (1974), Law Enforcement, Malfeasance, and the Compensation of Enforcers1974Becker
G. and G. Stigler
Benson Ziedonis (2010) - Corporate Venture Capital And The Returns To Acquiring Portfolio Companies2010Benson Ziedonis
Bertrand Schoar (2006) - The Role Of Family In Family Firms2006Bertrand Schoar
Bessen (2003) - Patent Thickets Strategic Patenting Of Complex Technologies2003Bessen
Bharat Dittmar Sivadasan (2010) - Does Capital Market Myopia Affect Plant Productivity2010Bharat Dittmar Sivadasan
Bhide (2000) - The Origin And Evolution Of New Businesses2000Bhide
Blanchflower Oswald (1998) - What Makes An Entrepreneur1998Blanchflower Oswald
Bolton Farrell (1990) - Decentralization Duplication And Delay1990Bolton Farrell
Bottazzi DaRin Hellmann (2008) - Who Are The Active Investors Evidence From Venture Capital2008Bottazzi DaRin Hellmann
Brander Egan (2007) - The Role of VCs in Acquisitions2007Brander Egan
Brander Egan Hellmann (2010) - Government Sponsored versus Private Venture Capital2010Brander Egan Hellmann
Bruhn Karlan Schoar (2010) - What Capital Is Missing In Developing Countries2010Bruhn Karlan Schoar
Bubb (2009)2009Bubb
Cabral Hortacsu (2008) - Dynamics Of Seller Reputation2008Cabral Hortacsu
Cadot, O. (1987), Corruption as a Gamble1987Cadot
Caillaud Jullien (2003) - Chicken And Egg2003Caillaud Jullien
Clark (1985)1985Clark
Clarkson (2004) - Objective Identification Of Patent Thickets A Network Analytic Approach2004Clarkson
Clarkson (2005) - Patent Informatics For Patent Thicket Detection2005Clarkson
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