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|Has headshot=abhiheadshot.jpg
|Has headshot=abhiheadshot.jpg
|Has or doing degree=BA
|Has or doing degree=BA
|Has academic major=CAAM

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Team Member
Tech Team"Tech Team" is not in the list (Faculty, Staff, Student) of allowed values for the "Has team position" property.
Abhijit Brahme
Status Inactive
Degree BA"BA" is not in the list (None, Bachelor, Master, PhD, Other) of allowed values for the "Has or doing degree" property.
Major CAAM
Projects Enclosing Circle Algorithm (Rework)
School Rice
Sponsor McNair Center
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Early Life

Born and raised in Fremont, California, Abhijit spent most of his youth dribbling a basketball during the glorious California summer and wishing he had a dog. Abhijit graduated from American High School in 2014. He has a younger sister.

Professional Life

As an undergraduate at Rice University (Wiess College), Abhijit doesn't have much of a professional life. After changing his major more than a model changes clothes, Abhijit finally decided on studying Applied Math in his Junior year. Abhijit is currently the co-captain of Rice University's one and only Men's Ultimate Team, Cloud 9. In his spare time, Abhijit analyzes basketball data for Rice University, and for fun.

Future Goals

One day, Abhijit hopes to help a professional NBA team analyze their basketball data. A boy can dream.

Time at McNair

Abhijit Brahme (Work Log)