2010 BPP Field Exam Materials compiled by Ed Egan

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Date, Time and Rules

The exam will be:

  • On Thursday the 24th June 2010 starting at 9am.
  • 6 hrs long: 3hrs in the morning, 3hrs in the afternoon, and with a lunch break
  • Open book
  • Not blindly evaluated (c.f. the Finance program)
  • Comprised of an unknown number of questions, set by the faculty who taught our cohort
  • Compiled by Pablo Spiller and graded by Ernesto Dal Bo.

The 2nd year paper is a part of the exam:

  • Due date is Thursday July 15th (implicitly midnight) - this was extended to the 24th July.
  • The choice of topic must be vetted by a faculty member
  • Students can suggest faculty to read (grade) their paper, but their suggestions are not binding
  • The paper can use material developed for other purposes, as long as it is your original research

Reference Material

The following pages provide reference material by subject:

Course Paper Selections

The following is the 'final' short-list approved by faculty (except for Spiller, where the approved choices from the previous cohort were used instead):

The following papers were selected by Ed Egan and/or Pablo Hernandez as the core study material for each class examined in the Summer of 2010: