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|skills=Excel, Writing,
|skills=Excel, Writing,
|interests=Running, Economy, Music, Movies,
|interests=Running, Economy, Music, Movies,
|email= mailto:mtr5@rice.edu,

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McNair Center Staff
Research Assistant
Matthew Ringheanu,
Profile placeholder.png
Staff Information
Name Matthew Ringheanu
Degree Bachelor of Arts
Major Mathematical Economic Analysis
Class of 2019
Join Date 10/17/2016
Skills Excel, Writing
Interests Running, Economy, Music, Movies
Email mailto:mtr5@rice.edu
Status Active

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Early Life

Matthew Ringheanu was born in Brooklyn, New York to the parents Mircea and Mihaela Ringheanu, both of whom had just immigrated from Romania. He lived in Brooklyn until the age of 5 when he moved to a small city at the southernmost tip of Texas called Harlingen. This is where he lived the rest of his life until moving to Houston in 2015 to attend college.


Matthew Ringheanu is a sophomore at Rice University majoring in Mathematical Economic Analysis and minoring in Business. He currently resides in Baker College.

Work Experience

Over the past summer, Matthew interned in the Credit Department of Lone Star National Bank. Here he assisted the credit analysts with loan maintenance and other various projects. In terms of on-campus work experience, Matthew worked at the Rice Recreation Center for the second semester of his freshman year.

McNair Updates

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