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All Rights Reserved

Unless otherwise noted, all materials posted on this wiki are (C) copyright Ed Egan, or the applicable author(s). All rights are reserved on all materials, unless a GPL (or other) statement is provided on the appropriate page.

Use At Your Own Risk

All accounts on this wiki are taken out at their user(s)'s own risk. I offer no gaurantees of security, availability, uptime, permanance, or anything else. However, if you post something, then the copyright on it automatically belongs to you. That said, by posting it here, you are implicitly agreeing that the wiki's owner (Ed Egan) can use it.

Your Privacy

I do warrant that I will not give out details of my users and their accounts to any third-party, unless forced to do so by a court order. Likewise, I will not sell your personal information, data, or kidneys. You have my word.

A 'Free' Resource

This wiki is intended to be 'free' resource, in the sense that all postings are made of the author's own volition AND in the sense that I have no intention of charging for access. We are all made better off if we share knowledge freely. However, particularly in this modern age, there are individuals who would abuse this for their own gains. The compromise employed on this wiki is to restrict accounts to those that ask for them (and that I know in some way), to eliminate the ability for anonymous postings, and to partition the site into sections were access is restricted to certain groups of individuals. I invite suggestions for a better solution.

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