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Yours truly (Ed Egan), in full academic regalia
Yours truly (Ed Egan), in full academic regalia

I am Ed Egan - Welcome to my academic wiki! This site provides information, tools, data, and resources, for academics and other researchers. The site is focused on my work - I'm by far the major contributor - but there are sections where co-authors, colleagues, graduate students (particularly in the BPP group at Haas), and others can and have contributed material.

Access to some sections of this site is restricted. Generally, when a research project is in development, access to its materials are restricted to co-authors and research assistants. Once a project is finished (or sometimes abandoned), I usually open up access. The materials posted are all copyrighted. Copyleft applies to other people's work, and if there isn't attribution, you should assume that all rights are reserved. Tools, scripts, and data can often be used free of charge for academic (or non-profit) work, but you may not resell them and you should inform me of any improvements. More importantly, the major use of this site (by people that I'm not working with) is to view write-ups of other peoples academic work. Their work may belong to them or to a journal. It is up to you to provide correct attribution and respect IPRs.

Aside from details about me, my research papers and projects, and my course material (whether taught or learnt), this site also contains research computing help pages (like research computing at Haas, working with Postgres, how to set up an NBER Account, help using LaTeX, and how to build a web-crawler) and data resources (like data dictionaries for WRDS and Thomson SDC Platinum, and a section about the NBER Patent Data Project).

There are also some helpful pages for all academics, even non-economists, like Jim Brander's Rules of Writing and my teaching guide 'How to effectively hinder learning - a guide for teachers'. Likewise, sometimes I add updates to my news page and include pages of musings. On what will turn out to be a completely impersonal note, I also have a page entitled 'Dating Ed'. It has received almost 5,500 hits and has got me exactly zero dates. Perhaps, I should have gone with less formal econ?

About Me

My profile page is a whole page about me. I do research at the intersection of two topic areas: the financing of entrepreneurship and the economics of innovation. I apply industrial organization economics and corporate finance to entrepreneurship and business strategy and my specialty is the use of micro-data in large scale empirical analysis. For more information see my research statement.

I'm a candidate for Assistant Professor positions in the fields of Strategy, Business Economics, and Corporate Finance on the 2013/2014 academic job market. I'll be available for interview during or following the 2014 Annual Meeting of American Economics Association, between January 3rd and 7th in Philadelphia and you can get my job market applications material from here.

I'm currently the Innovation Policy Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research under Professors Scott Stern and Josh Lerner, and I completed my Ph.D. in business administration, with a dual focus on strategy & business economics (in the BPP group) and finance at the Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley, in May of 2012, under the supervision of Professors David Teece, Toby Stuart, Michael Katz, and Bronwyn Hall. I then spent the 2012/2013 academic year as a post-doctoral fellow at the Sauder School of Business, U.B.C., under my long-term mentors Jim Brander and Thomas Hellmann. You can see a complete details of my education, academic positions, awards and honors, and more on profile page or by downloading my academic curriculum vitae (in pdf format).

My Research Papers

  • Egan, Edward J. (2013), How Start-up Firms Innovate: Technology Strategy, Commercialization Strategy, and their Relationship, Job Market Paper. (wikipage,pdf)
  • Egan, Edward J. (2013), Venture Capitalists as Vendors of Complementary Components, Job Market Companion Paper. (wikipage)
  • Brander, James A. and Edward J. Egan (2013), Investor Expectations and the Role of Venture Capitalists in Acquisitions, University of British Columbia, Working Paper. Proceedings of the Annual Conference, Administrative Science Association of Canada, Banff, Alberta (June ‘06).(wikipage, pdf)
  • Egan, Edward J. and David J. Teece (2013), Patent Thickets: Taxonomy, Theory, Tests, and Policy, U.C. Berkeley Working Paper. (wikipage,pdf)
  • Brander, James A., Edward J. Egan and Louisa Yeung (2013), Estimating the Effects of Age on NHL Player Performance, Revise and resubmit to the Journal of Quantitative Analysis of Sports (wikipage, pdf)
  • Brander, James A., Edward J. Egan, and Thomas F. Hellmann (2010), Government Sponsored versus Private Venture Capital: Canadian Evidence, in "International Differences In Entrepreneurship", J. Lerner and A. Schoar, National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA. (wikipage,pdf )

Working and draft papers are available in my Papers section.

Course Material

Course material for courses I've taught:

Course material available from research courses includes:

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